Efficient and intelligent

Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, AccGn is able to predict market movements and quickly adapt to environmental changes

AccGn Foundation

Inheriting the deep history and expertise of its predecessor ACC Capital, it is a pioneering institution committed to combining artificial intelligence technology with financial transactions. Over the years, ACC Capital has accumulated a wealth of successful experience in various financial sectors such as trusts and hedge funds, providing a solid foundation and valuable industry insights for the establishment of the AccGn Foundation.


Let everyone use AI to achieve greater value

  • Mission

    Democratize AI to empower business and people.

  • Vision

    We are committed to becoming the leading artificial intelligence platform and service provider, so that AI can help every organization and individual achieve greater value and achieve a better life.

  • Goal

    To ensure the safety of funds under the premise of creating stable long-term returns for customers.

Core features - the first AccGn grid trading strategy

Grid spacing calculation

The real volatility of the current currency is calculated based on ATR algorithm, and the grid spacing ratio is calculated accordingly.

Initial position calculation

Using the Support/Resistance V2 algorithm, calculate the most recent resistance level above the price and calculate the initial position size based on this level.

Minimum price calculation

Based on the above results, it is possible to calculate the minimum price limit that can be supported under a specific number of grids.

Set a grid stop loss

Traders can balance capital risk and return by adjusting the grid stop loss value.

AI mode

When AI mode is enabled, cloud-based AI algorithms will monitor market fluctuations in real time and automatically adjust parameters such as grid spacing, layout, initial positions, and price floor to maximize trading efficiency.

The Road to AccGn

Our development history

With big data technology at the heart of the company's strategy, AccGn set out to build a data-driven transaction analysis platform.

Successfully developed and launched the country's first AI grid trading platform, AccGn, which uses advanced AI algorithms to provide in-depth market analysis for professional traders.

AccGn subsidiary was established. Facing the changes in the global economic environment, AccGn has increased its investment in key technology fields such as big data, AI chips and artificial intelligence calculations to accelerate technological innovation and application.

The AccGn working group will be launched in the form of an independent fund in 2022, focusing on the in-depth development and application of AI technology in the financial field.

In 2024, the AI and big data team completed the upgrade and adjustment, and was officially established as an independent company - AccGn LLC in Colorado, USA, in February, and is subject to MSB financial supervision in the United States. And launched a full-stack artificial intelligence platform.