AI empowers investors

Artificial intelligence is the future of trading and investment, making investment more efficient and effective. AccGn can not only automatically process and analyze large amounts of data, but also identify potential investment opportunities and risks.

Products and services

It combines artificial intelligence technology with financial transactions to launch diversified products and services, aiming to provide investors and financial institutions with comprehensive and efficient trading solutions.

AccGn AI full stack artificial intelligence platform

The full-stack AI platform, which integrates IaaS, PaaS, MLaaS, visual modeling and online reasoning, covers the full life cycle of artificial intelligence in production, minimizes the threshold of AI, and makes the application of AI easier and more efficient for enterprises - so that every enterprise can be on AI.

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Function introduction

AI platforms are the key to new infrastructure, enterprise AI scenarios and business upgrades

CPU/GPU heterogeneous computing clusters Support public and private cloud deployment
Ai-based container cloud
Al Studio
Let business people can use AI without barriers
Al Service
One-click publishing model is an online inference service


AI platforms are the keys to new infrastructure, enterprise AI scenarios and business upgrades

Full stack AI

Out of the box, efficient and reliable. Extensible and customizable. From operation and maintenance, development, business to customers, comprehensive empowerment.

Full life cycle AI

From Data processing -> Modeling -> Offline Evaluation -> Online Reasoning and Services -> Data collection feedback, full lifecycle coverage.

Break the AI talent barrier

Full stack, modularity, visualization, and automated machine learning allow ordinary engineers and even business people to develop professional-quality AI products.

Precipitate the AI value of the company

It can continuously accumulate the output and value of corporate talents on AI on the platform.

Technology leadership

It has supported more than tens of thousands of developers every month to use and hundreds of thousands of machine learning training.

Ecological opening

Continue to contribute to the industry's cutting-edge algorithm technology and field problem solutions.

AccGn Trade

A grid trading platform with artificial intelligence as its core. AccGn Trade is committed to using AI to empower investment and provide investors and investment institutions with new big data and AI platform technology services. It is the first platform product to apply artificial intelligence grid in the field of trading and investment. AccGn Trade allows financial engineers, ordinary traders and even business personnel to use AI to improve investment efficiency and effects without any threshold, without having to learn a lot of difficult programming and algorithm knowledge.

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AI empowers businesses and individuals

Brokerage AI trading platform

Build AI-centric services

Fund AI trading

Using AI to improve investment capabilities

Enterprise AI enabling platform

Master AI core competence

Digital currency AI trading platform

Trading strategies and risk management

Education and training

Practical case teaching

Real-time trading signal

Extensive asset coverage